Meeting for February 2nd 2015

Yesterday was a lovely meeting February 2nd 2015. We had 3 new faces -- Mark Biggs, our fill-in for Randy Hearn of Merrel Home Improvement, Britney Phillips, media marketing consultant with 5 Star Radio Group, and Scott Jensen, associate at Planter's … [Read more...]

Business Goals: How to go about them this year

Today's educational piece was about preparing your business for the year. Traditionally, business owners typically start going over their goals for next year through the months of October until December. This usually causes a burnout phase in which … [Read more...]

Meeting for January 20th 2015

It was a beautiful morning today January 20th at the Clarksville Networking Group. We had one visitor today. We welcome Mr. Billy M. Bush and appreciate his visit. We also welcome our returning member of the CNG George Rawlings of Rawlings Office … [Read more...]

Meeting for January 6th 2015

Anyone who had a New Year's resolution to expand on their business should have been at the CNG today. For our New Year we had four new visitors today – Chuck Biter from Gateway House Buyers, LLC, Tamera Bay and from the APSU Recruiting and … [Read more...]

Taxbot, a convenient tool for 2015


During today's "education moment" Alecia Sparks shared information about an expense tracking program she uses, called Taxbot.   We all know how important it is for business owners to keep accurate expense and mileage records, and how easy it is to … [Read more...]

Prepare for 2015 Taxes


Our CPA Cindy Cleaver informed us today that as of now there are some tax cuts that have expired for the 2014-2015 tax year. These maybe be reinstated but as of now congress has not decided.  The first thing to go was bonus depreciation and Section … [Read more...]

Meeting for December 16th 2014

Yesterday was a lovely winter morning for the Clarksville Networking Group this Tuesday morning, December 16th. First, we had two visitors for today we would like to welcome-- Kyle Bemis with Paychex and Randy Hearn, a sales associate from Merrell … [Read more...]

Elevator Pitch: A Quick How-to Lesson Part 2

When working as an entrepreneur, a person must be able to represent themselves well to impress customers, however most people find themselves reluctant or even shy when it comes to the idea of having to articulate to a crowd what they do. A thought … [Read more...]

Meeting for October 7th 2014

Thanks for your business

We had an enlightening meeting at the CNG this Tuesday morning. Sheila Thaxton, an independent CAbi Consultant, and Suzanna Reese-Wilson, Founder of Majesty Publications were our visitors. Our speakers were Alecia Sparks for ThoseCardFolks - … [Read more...]

Elevator Pitch: A Quick How-to Lesson

If you’re looking for business, one important tool you will need to get customers is an elevator pitch, the 30-second speech that summarizes who you are, what you do and why your customers need your goods or services. An elevator pitch can be … [Read more...]